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To ensure cleaner air quality for all North Carolinians through education and advocacy and by working with our partners to reduce sources of pollution.

Side by Side: Improving Air Quality Science

by Calvin Cupini Where I grew up in St. Louis, a city in the middle of the country right on the eastern edge of Tornado Alley. My summers were always filled with heavy dangerous storms, power outages, and regular interruptions on television for important weather...

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GUEST BLOG: Trees and the Public Good

by Bill Schlesinger Nearly everyone likes trees—for various reasons, not the least of which is that trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, potentially mitigating global warming. A campaign by the Nature Conservancy hopes to plant a billion trees during the...

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3 days ago
A new report from @DogwoodAlliance, @NRDC, and @selc_org exposes how overseas demand for biomass energy is accelerating #climatechange, pumping out #airpollution, and devastating North Carolina's forests, wetlands, and habitats:
3 days ago
America's air quality has steadily improved in the decades following the Clean Air Act. But that progress may be reversing as the Trump Administration continues to gut our air and climate protections, writes @PopovichN.
3 days ago
"Basically, it gives states the ability to do whatever they want—even if that means doing nothing." @yessfun pulls no punches with President Trump's dangerous new power plan.
Gizmodo @Gizmodo
Trump's replacement to Obama's Clean Power Plan is just as bad as we thought it'd be
4 days ago
#CitizenScience can help people see what they're breathing in their homes and along their commutes. Check out our work with @unccharlotte professor @brianmagi to provide the best possible #airquality info:

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